Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Selflessness Changes Everything

Name: Victoria Duong
From: vancouver, Washington
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I believe when we give back to the people and connect with the
community, only great outcomes happen. Currently, I am the ASB
president at Evergreen High School, vice president in National Honor
Society, secretary in Junior States of America, team captain for
Track and Field and a leader for a Christian club. It is so important
to live life by this concept: to be selfless.

The best version of me I could possibly be involves a lot of serving
others. I find out more about myself when I join clubs that serves
the main purpose of giving back. I joined National Honor Society just
to be around a community that volunteers and help organizations with
service. I think that’s the beauty of participating in clubs and
sports. You grow as a person and you learn throughout the way. My
long-term goal is to
back by getting myself an education and pursuing a profession in the
medical field. I know the world needs better healthcare and social
interaction. My tough childhood made me appreciate what I have now
and what I can offer to others. My mom is a hard-working single mom
who works six days a week providing for a family of 4. Growing up she
took both roles as a parent to be there for my sisters and I and it
really inspired me to be someone just as great as her. I grew up
without a father figure and seeing my mom struggle was agonizing. I
found a lot of personal growth whenever I was in the worst
conditions. Whether it be a mental, physical or emotional problem, I
gain a lot of knowledge from experiencing it and learning from it.
I’ve encountered multiple of injuries like my stress fracture,
tendonitis, hip and groin injury, and knee problems throughout my
experience with running. I’ve also undergoed major health issues
like bronchitis and pneumonia. Going against all of this has
intrigued me as a person to learn why it occurs.
dream to serve others by fixing people’s health issues.
will always be a priority to me. I’ve witnessed that people with
great health have more enthusiasm in life, and seeing that brings me
joy. I see life as an opportunity to learn and grow and impact. I
would be able to live up to my expectations through my abilities to
care and cure health needs. Our world is in desperate need for better
healthcare and I am aware many people can’t afford to get
treatment. Having an education is a privilege and I have the
opportunity to make something out of myself. I want to give back to
the community, continue to learn and connect with those around me. I
believe it’s a step closer to make the world less of a corrupted
place to live in, and it will change humanity, gradually.

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