Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Send your heart to the world

Name: Jonathan Nieto
From: Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
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My heart goes out to those who are in need in the world. While the
United States has many people who need help, I find that we should be
doing the same in other countries. Based on my beliefs, I find it
necessary and also my job to do all I can to share love and joy with
whoever it is I meet. For the past four years, I’ve been going down
to the Cayo district in Belize. I’ve spent about eight days there
every time and have gone about constructing houses, teaching children
moral and useful skills, feeding people, and really anything there
that has to be done. Being there was difficult, but fighting through
it was the only way to keep happy. What kept me going was the term
“Mission’s mindset” meaning; No matter what, keep going forward
and do not let things stop from sharing love and joy. If it rains,
see it as a good thing, if someone gets hurt, show them you care.
Never have I ever experienced such a great thing in my life, I’ve
learned so much. Being there has even changed me as a person. I have
been able to find myself and see who I want to be in this world.
Being in such a privileged place has allowed me to see the importance
of life and how we don’t really need most of the things we have.
Simplicity is the best and easiest way, worry free and live your life
to care and go after those who need it, both those who have a lot and
those who have little.

I have many passions in my life, one of them being in food. We need it no matter
what plus, who doesn’t like it? With his, I chose to go forward in
the food industry. Not only in the USA, but I plan on going worldwide
to provide well centered food to those with money and those with
nothing. I want to use my talent of cooking to provide gourmet-esk
food to people. Looking forward for me is to go out into the very
world we live in and just be family with each other. Too many
assumptions of people have clouded other people’s minds to see that
in fact we are all the same. Same species, same bodies, we just have
different morals. We cannot let this stop us from communication and
being with each other. From my experiences of going to Belize, people
remember you. Not for who you are necessarily, but what you have done
and blessed them with. I believe if I were to go back, not many
people would remember me particularly, but they will remember how
their lives were changed. Whether if it was when we built a house for
them or taught and fed their children without wanting anything back.
All these things can come together and be powerful to a person, we
just have to each go out and do the difference we want there to be.
If you think it and have a passions, go out and do not be afraid to
do it, you have a person who you will affect in a positive way.

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