Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Service Above Self

Name: Alejandra Jauregui
From: Fish Creek, Wi
Grade: Senior
School: Gibraltar High School
Votes: 24

above Self

The moment I walked through the doors of the nursing home and saw an
older man wave towards me, I knew right then and there that it was
going to be a heartwarming experience. I volunteered at Scandia
Village Nursing Home in Sister Bay Wisconsin. My confirmation class
at Stella Maris decided to do volunteer work at our local nursing
home every Sunday for two hours in the course of three months. Our
main duties were to plan Packer or holiday parties, help the seniors
play bingo or board games and overall interact with the senior
citizens. An elderly lady named Sarah who suffers of Alzheimer’s
would ask me about my plans for the future and about my life and I
would do the same. There were many interactions similar to this which
made me feel respected and cared for. This community service
experience has impacted me personally because the more dedicated I
was to my community service, the more ambition I had to give back to
my community in a very special way. It wasn’t just about giving up
my time but of participating in on a hands on experience that has
shaped me to be the compassionate person I am today. I cannot
describe the feeling of satisfaction I got every time I left the
nursing home. The smiles I saw of gratitude and appreciation was so
heartwarming and rewarding. I loved bringing joy through community
service because it’ s about practicing unselfishness and it also
inculcates a sense of community into my life.

I believe that community service has impacted the lives of the senior
citizens at Scandia because while we were there, we brighten their
day by spending the day with them to make them not feel forgotten and
that we do appreciate them. It was a win-win on both parts since we
were making friendships that would last a lifetime. For example, when
our hours of community service were completed, most of my
confirmation class stopped going back to volunteer the nursing home.
I decided to go on spare time because I enjoyed conversing with the
older generation.  It was so rewarding because I created
relationships with several citizens and I still keep in contact with

I believe that putting community work before your needs is moral value
that every citizen should encompass because that’s how we as humans
could make this world a better place. ‘Service above Self’ is a
way of giving back to the community. When someone unselfishly puts
themselves last, they won’t be rewarded financially but instead
they’ll be showered with values such as humbleness, gratefulness,
honesty, sincerity and respect. All of these values are values that
make a personality an asset.

To conclude, volunteering at Scandia Nursing Home was a great
experience. By interacting with the senior citizens I got to improve
my social skills while making someone’s day. I have always been
intrigued by the wonders of community service and I look forward to
participating in many more community service opportunities at the
university I plan on attending next fall.  After my volunteer
experience at Scandia, community service has become not only
something I had to do but something I enjoy and truly love.

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