Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Serving Through Screams

Name: Charles Edward Johnson
From: Dubuque, IA
Grade: 12
School: Hempstead High School
Votes: 0

Kids are screaming, the thumping of sprinting feet fills the air, and
then we are supposed get them to sit down for a short talk. As a
middle school youth group leader at my church, the head banging noise
equals the special moments when I can connect with a middle school
student about the things I went through and mentor them in their walk
with Christ. I remember back when I was one of those rambunctious
little boys trying to figure out how to live the life Christ has
called me to. Now, I find it a privilege to calm these young men
down and go heart to heart to them with topics that can be difficult
at times, even for me. Luckily, this extracurricular activity allows
me to join in with the fun whether it be through dodgeball, sharks
and minnows, or other large group games, allowing me to connect to
the middle school students on a level much more relevant to their
interests. This leadership position will help me in college through
this experience, I have been and continue to learn ways in which to
lead a group of individuals. I have learned to focus a group’s
efforts on a single cause such as going through the questions in
depth while those being led want to do seemingly anything but as
their minds, mouths, and legs are elsewhere. Another valuable skill
gained through this volunteer work has been being comfortable leading
a group of people while they are looking to me for guidance and
leadership. These leadership skills are contributing to my college
education, as it will be necessary to lead groups and cooperate with
others to successfully complete projects and give and receive
assistance with problems.

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