Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Sharing Music Among All Ages

Name: Sydney Holgado
From: Robbinsville, New Jersey
Grade: 12
School: Robbinsville High School
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My involvement in community service began when I was just five years
old, when I joined Daisy Troop 70411. Nearly 15 years later, as an
Ambassador Girl Scout, I completed my Gold Award, a minimum 80-hour
individual community service project and the highest level award a
Girl Scout can receive. For my project, I created a sustainable
outreach program in which young musicians perform for and interact
with residents of rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. It
addressed the cultural issues caused by the lack of communication
between generations, while also incorporating my love of music.

The idea for this project stemmed from my love for my grandfather. He
has severe dementia and currently lives in the Philippines with
several care takers. As my grandfather’s disease progressed, I
noticed him losing touch with his community and with current culture.
I knew that music is a huge part of culture that brings communities
together, and after being around my grandfather, I knew I wanted to
help other senior citizens stay connected and cared for.

I received outstanding feedback, both from the employees and residents
of the assisted living centers. My project is self sustaining, so it
will continue to impact the lives of senior citizens in
rehabilitation centers and nursing homes even past my direct

This experience and my experiences through the Girl Scout organization
have greatly enlightened me. I had never thought that one young
person could make so much of a difference in other’s lives, and I
know that I will continue to pursue community service in the future.

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