Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Soundtrack Of My Life

Name: Malia May
From: Richmond, VA
Grade: 12
School: Virginia Commonwealth University
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Faint mechanical heart beats. The constant hiss of a ventilator. Light
footsteps treading.

This is the soundtrack of my life.

Like a Da Capo, my life seems to go in circles; chasing after a never
ending end. From the beginning, caregiving and hospitals set the
stage for my passion in the medical field.

Volunteering at Sentara Hospital, I contributed to the caregiving performed by the
men and women in multicolored scrubs. At divergent times of the day,
different nurses would come in and out of the room at different
tempos. Each had a specific task, one would check an IV, one would
change the diapers, and one would record the heart rate. These
mechanical beats became the metronome in the ICU’s rhythm.  Like
notes on a music page, the unit team flowed together; creating an
orchestrated symphony of gentle voices and calculated movements.

From time to time a new movement would begin. The echoing of the heart
beats would become accented; veering off its original pace. As the
beats slowed and alarm bells crescendoed, the rush of medical
professionals begun. Our hands moved in a staccato-like fashion,
precise and carefully thought out. I became a witness to the
beautifully orchestrated chaos of a medical team.

From these moments, I aspired to become a true member of the ensemble;
re-creating the care and music that is given to the patients.

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