Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Spiritual Soaking Tub

Name: Meredith L. Roach
From: Knightdale, North Carolina
Grade: High school Senior
School: Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design
Votes: 23


Forward Scholarship

May, 2016

Soaking Tub

Children are like sponges; they soak everything up. It doesn’t matter who
it is – whether it’s their parent or older sibling, or some random
guy in the grocery store check-out line – a child is watching them.
Like the saying, “monkey see, monkey do,” the same is true for
children. The source doesn’t have to come from people in person,
it can also come from television, the radio, books, school, anywhere.
Therefore, when children are taken to my church, I want their
experience to be a “soaking tub” of fun, love, and spiritual

Back in 2014, I signed up to volunteer in my church’s, Cross Point
Community, children’s ministry. The place in the church where
children are taken is a silly little place called “Muumba Land.”
It’s designed to make going to church engaging and desirable for
the “littles,” as I like to call them. Usually, once a month, I
am in either the three or the four-year-old classroom assisting the
main teacher. I do things like welcoming the children into the
classroom, or in some cases, helping to gently (and lovingly, of
course) pry them from their Mommies or Daddies, and assisting with
activities. As a team, the lead teacher and I present the incoming
children with fun things to do before beginning the lesson, like
coloring books with crayons, play kitchens, toy trains, or anything
else in the play area that Sunday. The lesson is always presented in
a variety of ways, including a coordinating song, a bible story,
activity, and of course, a snack. That hour and 15 minutes that we
have with the children is so crucial, the main thing that they could
take away from it all is the leaders’ actions. We must be positive
role models to the kids and model positive actions while we’re with
them, because we never know whether or not they are being shown the
same care at home.

Forward-looking is the act of paying attention to not what is written in the past,
but what can be revised in the future. Children deserve to be loved
and payed attention to, just as God would want them to be. Like the
line from the movie The Help, “You is smart, you is kind, you is
important,” I want these kids to know that they
intelligent, that they
are sweet, and that they do
matter, especially in the eyes of God. Hopefully someday I can truly
say that I’ve helped to make a positive impact in a child’s life
and family, and that their experience in Muumba Land has been an
authentic, spiritual soaking tub.

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