Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Student Volunteer

Name: Cameron Davis
From: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Grade: 12
School: Chaffey High School
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I have volunteered at my local library as a book shelver and currently
volunteer as a tutor for children. At school, I volunteer for parent
activities whenever the opportunity arises. Regarding my duty as a
book shelver, I organized the books shelves, kept the shelves clean,
and pointed children and adults in the right direction. Being a book
shelver allowed me to improve my time management skills due to the
fact that I had to organize an entire section within a two hour time
frame. As a tutor, for three months, every Tuesday and Thursday, I
dedicated my time to the same three children. Each child had
different strengths, weaknesses, and personalities, so it was my job
to adapt to each of them in order for them to grow as a unit. I had
to set my expectation for them to be on time to each session, to make
learning a fun experience by maintaining a positive attitude and
providing valuable, yet exciting, activities. Additionally, I had to
remain objective towards the students, to assure that a student was
not at a disadvantage. Through tutoring, I developed teaching skills
that I can apply helping peers, or anyone else who needs direct
assistance in a certain subject. In regards to volunteering at parent
activities, I must ensure that the activities run smoothly, answer
questions from parents to clarify information, and give directions
around campus. Not only does this put me in a leadership position, it
allows me to strengthen my communication skills, since I have to
speak clearly and effectively in a timely manner. Overall, I remain
consistent with my volunteering activities due to the fact that I can
establish connections with the supervisors, participants, and other

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