Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – success comes to those who persue it.

Name: Mayra cendejas
From: seattle, wa
Grade: 12
School: chief sealth high school
Votes: 0

Ever since I was a small girl, I always told myself that whatever I
wanted in life I had to commit to that and fight for it to come true,
one of my biggest wishes in life is to attend college and not only be
the first to graduate high school but also the first member of the
family to attend college.

I have come a long way and achieve some of my dreams but not the most important
one, one that will determine my future and my life I want to make not
only myself proud, but my parents proud of them seeing me fight for
my goals in life and attending college. It’s been a long road to
get to where I am right now applying to university and scholarships
but I know that at the end of the day all of this will be worth it.
I’m continuing on with the next and most important step in my life
to attend college, I had a couple volunteering experience first I
volunteered for a while at our family church helping kids out, and my
last and most favorite volunteering experience I have is a program
that I was in for 9 months and it helped me a lot because it was a
great opportunity to meet new people, along with educating myself
more about software development and working with computers, I also
had the advantages of teaching others what I knew such as going
around the neighborhood and teaching adults the basics to a computer
such as using it and turning it on and other important things that
were valuable to our society because when you think about it our
society is based on technology, so that was a wonderful way to inform
other and teach them some of the strategies that I had learned to
make out community better. Out of that volunteering experience I got
153 community hours for high school to graduate. Being part of a
program like that helped me learn a lot. And helped me teach others
what I had learned.

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