Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Success within Volunteering

Name: Jordan Jamerson
From: Kansas City, MO
Grade: 12th
School: Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts
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Jordan Jamerson

February 16th 2015

Success within Volunteering

I plan to go very far with my education, learning as much as possible
in and outside of school. I plan to earn a 4 year college education,
double majoring in two types of art. Or possibly earning a degree in
Bachelor of fine arts and business. With these degrees I plan to
start a multitude of businesses ranging from men’s and women’s
fashion brands, to a non-profit organization. I want to increase my
intellect in subjects besides the ones I plan to major and minor in
because I believe knowledge is power. With knowledge, I know I can
take myself very far, mentally and professionally. I believe in the
strength in the mind as a very important aspect to professionalism
and success. Having a strong conscious is fueled by increasing your
intellect and education. As a young entrepreneur, I aspire to inspire
others, helping others believe in themselves and use the power they
hold. As strong as I feel about self-confidence and higher education
leading a pathway to success, I am also passionate about volunteering
in my community.

I am a strong believer in helping others whether it be with my words,
my hands, or my art to inspire. Public service is expressed in many
different forms and I believe it to be something everyone should do.
If you have the power to give a helping hand to someone in need,
what’s stopping you? You can find peace in giving others your time,
skills, gifts, patience or just staying open to help. I have seen the
effects of the system on people around me and those living in my
city. Every day, I pass homeless people, abandoned homes, and people
in need. The city in which I live in is in great need of the youth to
come together and volunteer themselves to help those in need. I have
seen many of my friends caught up and bound by the system as a result
of lack of funds that are being put into the district. I have a
strong passion for helping out and supporting the city in which I was
born and raised. If we could all come together to make a conscious
effort to make a difference, it would greatly impact our community
and would cause a new inspired generation. As senior class president,
I plan to engage my fellow classmates to volunteer more in the
community and to bring it to our school. As class President I am
currently working on organizing Paseo Academy’s First Annual Blood
Drive this school year. The student council has already organized a
can good drive to donate to families in need. With efforts like these
we can all come together and make a positive, long lasting impact for
the greater good.

Within volunteering, you can find clarity in being a successful
business professional as well as finding solace in helping the
community. I feel as though volunteering teaches one patience,
passion, and will. These qualities are vital in establishing
professional connections, growing your business, and being passionate
about what you do.

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