Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Suicide Problem

Name: Amy Marie Warren
From: Belleville, Il
Grade: some college classes (freshman)
School: Southwestern Illinois College
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Amy Warren

April, 28 2016

The Suicide Problem

I’ve know for my entire life that my passion was helping other people. I
went to a small lutheran school in Illinois as a child; which gave me
the opportunities to volunteer. But it wasn’t until my sophomore
year of high school that I learned the real power of volunteering. In
my hometown I watched as thirteen people died within a four month
period. The majority of these deaths being suicides. There were
heartbroken people. People were devastated to the point of attempting
suicide themselves.

Every single one of those people I had known. I could not understand how we
all sat back and watched as everyone suffered. After making a class
speech on the absolute necessity of suicide awareness for not only
our area, but for everyone. Due to the fact that I broke down in
tears during that speech, my teacher made me attend counseling at the
school. After I cried and got everything off my chest I was
introduced to the an inspiring woman. She told me she agreed with me.
It was time for a change. She showed me a couple of programs that
could benefit the students of our schools. The program we decided on
was to inform students on not only suicide, but the ways that mental
illness can affect people as well. We made a start, but it was not
enough. The first year of our program was only open to freshman
because I was the only student volunteer. It felt like nobody cared
that we were watching loved ones destroy themselves.

I was terrified that because freshmen were allowed in the program that
we wouldn’t get any volunteers, but I was wrong. Those freshman
came in by the room full. They felt the same pain as everybody else.
That day when I saw them all sitting there around the table and I
fought back tears. All of these students had ideas, hopes, and were
ready to make a change. I learned that day that volunteering is not
just helping other people. Volunteering can help you too.

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