Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A Sustainable Future

Name: William Isaac Chappell
From: Gilbert, Arizona
Grade: Senior in High School
School: Basha High School
Votes: 0

Helping Paws, the center core of my current volunteering, is the
improvement to my area that I’ve finally had a permanent result
with, not only to the community, but to myself.. While traveling
around, helping Petco’s, PetSmart’s, and local animal events, I
largely deal with like-minded individuals that work for the
companions, generally dogs, cats, and occasionally horses. I interact
with fosters with animals waiting for adoption, helping them with
their troubles, and learning their stories, whether they’re
tear-jerkers about blind, albino kittens, or clichés about the dog
who ran away from home. Yet Green People Society, an entirely new
club I co-founded this year, has the highest potential of affecting
my community for the better in the future, and holds the future of
improvement at my school. The goals, although within my grasp, are
barely dreams currently—school-wide gardens, revamping a recycling
system, and even the possibility of solar panels installation—and
in this age of rampant destruction and overusing of resources they
can change my school for a sustainable future, one that holds a
sliver of hope of a future where nature and man cooperate

These two core volunteering communities, one a specialization in animals and the
other focusing on an environmentalist approach to saving the world
one bottle at a time, surround my volunteering area of
sustainability. To reach a better future that hosts less negativity
and wasteful behaviors and more efficient, profitable societies the
next generation needs to understand and become proficient in
sustainability. I exhausted 5 hours per week for 76 weeks in my
career with Helping Paws, and now with its success at my school’s
senior showcase we can strive for a more caring attitude not only to
our furry friends next to us, but to each other as well. And with a
mean of 2 hours per week for the past 2015-2016 school year, I can
say GPS is finally reaching a point of momentum where my position as
co-founder and vice-president can finally have meaning behind the
title. As the experiences are all too memorable, there is a hint of
nostalgia from the first events and meetings, where our biggest
challenge in Helping Paws was finding a larger room, while for GPS we
struggled to become inducted our first year into a national honors
society for environmentalists in high school. If there is any lesson
to be gained from these experiences, is that positivity and love,
however cliché it may seem, truly do change someone’s mindset and
ideals, forcing them to care for their neighbors and result in a
sustainable world where the compassion of our hearts are the sole
reason for our success at starting a true utopia. And if I returned
decades later to this southern half of Phoenix, I would undoubtedly
see an environmentalist school that uses solar panels as outdoor
shading for efficient tower gardens, with a few stray cats and dogs
scattered about the community happily living their lives in bliss.

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