Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A time to grow, A time to serve

Name: Elizabeth Bell
From: Manchester , Connecticut
Grade: College Sophmore
School: Manchester Community College
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A Time to Grow, A Time to Serve

February 3rd, 2015, that is a date that marked the
beginning of my experience in Haiti. A couple months before I had
volunteered to go and serve for a week as part of a mission group
going there. Little did I know that I would leave Haiti with a
different perspective on life. The trip to Haiti was more than just a
mission trip for me. Instead, it opened my eyes to how much serving
someone in need blesses not the one receiving the help, but also the
one helping.

I clearly remember holding a three year old girl, named MeMe, who
was malnourished and just wanted to be loved. This experience
reiterated the importance of loving all children and being there for
them. I recalled the time when I was that old and just needed someone
to love and care for me. I was three, young and in need of a loving
home. My mom took my in and raised me as her own. Loving me and
showing me what is means to love someone. This love is something that
every child needs. I realized that day holding MeMe that I hadn’t
been sharing my love as often as I should at home. Thus, I made a
goal for myself to find a way to give love to another child.

When I got home I did just that. I started to get more involved in
the after school at my church. There is this program called the Rock
program that fully focuses on children and giving them a safe
environment to learn and to have fun. I became an assistant leader in
the girls group. While helping these young girls, some from the
poorest neighbors where I live, I began to feel like I was doing
something important. That I has having an impact. I don’t want to
lose that.

Looking into the future and my goal to be a museum curator, my goal
is to teach in kids History in a way that is interactive and allows
them to expand their horizon. My goal is to continue helping in this
rock ministry serving and leading these young girls. Showing them
love and caring for the in way that encourages them. Already I am
seeing these young girls grow and I hope that one day they will
spread this love to other girls who need it.

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