Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Why should us youth volunteer?

Name: Claudia Welch
From: SOUTH LYON, Michigan
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I have grown up volunteering in all sorts of different aspects. I
have volunteered as a preschool teacher at my church, for our middle
school ministry, at food kitchens, and mission trips. I believe that
volunteering is a very important thing for us youth to do, as it
changes us for the better. We are always complaining about what we
don’t have, but how thankful are you for the things you do have? I
believe that volunteering really shows you how blessed you really
are. Sure, your friend may have the new gaming system or IPhone, and
you have last years, but are you aware that there are kids in Africa
not being able to drink clean water? I think mission trips are one of
my favorite places to volunteer because you truly are helping someone
who cannot help himself or herself. Whether they got themselves into
that situation or not, you are still helping them get back on their
feet. You really have a changed heart after this kind of work, and
that is one of my favorite parts about it. You really understand what
it means to count your blessings. One both of the mission trips I
have been on, we did a variety of different things. We ran VBS,
helped pick up the community, do jobs around yards and in houses,
worked in orphanages, ETC. I have spent around 150+ hours a year, the
past 5 years, doing all different types of volunteer work and have
loved it. Volunteering is not always easy, though. I think the
hardest thing I have faced is being exhausted. Days that I spent
working outside all day and getting only a few hours of sleep to go
back and do it all again; it is truly one of the most exhausting
feelings ever. But again, also one of the most rewarding feelings

I believe that all
my volunteering has truly changed me for the better. These
experiences have all been life-changing experiences. They have taught
me to truly cherish every moment I have on this beautiful earth, say
thank you everyday, be grateful for what I have and not greedy about
what I don’t have and so much more. These experiences will be so
useful for me to use in my future career. Currently, I am studying to
become a teacher and know that these experiences will help me
understand some of my kids who come from lower income families, and I
can help the upper class children experience what these other kids
are going through.

I think volunteering is such good experience and that everyone should do, as
you learn so many valuable lessons through it.

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