Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Using My Power to Empower Others

Name: Sabrina Alabi
From: Seattle , Washington
Grade: College Freshman
School: University of Washington - Seattle Campus
Votes: 1


The most well-intentioned ambition for most, is to “change the
world”. My heart aligns with the same purpose in mind followed by a
strategic proposal to generate change little by little. The answer is
volunteerism. My focus is strongly on children, particularly those
disabled or disadvantaged. My passion is to nurture children and
build independent, respectful, effective leaders for future
generations. My entire life has been others investing in me and now I
give back. Currently, I serve weekly as the health room nursing
assistant at Bryant Elementary. My priority as a caretaker is to
alleviate suffering. Seeing my ability to relieve young learners and
see their hopeful eyes as they return to class is so satisfying.
Teaching students how better prepare and protect themselves from
future incidents is my largest challenge as growing students are
recklessly experimenting. I believe in order for students to
academically improve they must be physically, mentally, and
emotionally fit. Not only do I tend to the needs of young children,
but I role model safety, responsibility, nutritional values, and
healthy active lifestyles. Naturally young children look up to
providers, so I contribute my time as a literacy advocate at
International Health Services to underprivileged, ill families to
build positive relationships to influence outlook on education and
smart decision making.

If I could invest in one thing for a child it would be their education.
Throughout high school I served outside of school on a weekly basis
mentoring 5-6th grade girls and volunteered as a leader
through both Kids On a Mission, helping 2nd-6th
graders in local and global outreaches, and Casino Road Ministries,
tutoring disadvantaged children to improve math and literacy skills.
Being a regular supporter of students, to encourage and reassure them
with confidence or pride as they pursue academics fosters a
foundation of success in them. Volunteers come and go in children’s
lives and having someone they can rely and depend on builds trust. A
critical job as volunteers is to follow through with children. Seeing
how they develop and grow is one of the most rewarding sights.
Students will thrive from consist care.

Returning in ten, twenty, or even thirty years from now I will have seen the
difference I have made. As I volunteer I model ethical values and
demonstrate respect and responsibility. I instill punctuality, care,
and modesty into children I work with and set expectations of
determination and loyalty. Planting seeds now, I anticipate coming
back to kind, compassionate, and driven leaders of the future.

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