Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Veteran Affairs

Name: Quinn S. Jackson
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Grade: 10
School: Mount Saint Joseph
Votes: 7

Veteran Affairs

Quinn Jackson

My name is Quinn
Jackson. I am fourteen years old and in the ninth grade at Milford
Mill High School. For the upcoming school year I plan to attend a
college preparatory school. I contribute my spare time to the Sacred
Heart Church in Glyndon, Maryland. As a member I help set up the
food stations for parishioners after mass. In addition, I often help
with serving meals to those less fortunate. Such meals are served on
holidays and other occasions. I put in time with the church every
Sunday and some Saturdays. I also collect clothing for the needy
veterans. I do this weekly. My collections for the veterans is my
main focus. I spend about ten hours per week soliciting for
donations and preparing the items for collection. My job is solicit
my neighbors and family for gently used clothing and shoes that are
no longer wanted. I then package these items for the monthly
collection. The biggest challenge in my project is convincing people
to donate their items to this cause. However, I remind them what the
veterans have done for our country and this sways their heart. The
greatest honor is knowing that I am helping those who work to keep
our country safe. The thing I have learned most is how to convince
others to be giving.

As far as my academic goals, I would like to be an attorney. Being
an attorney is my path to working toward my ultimate goal of being a
sports agent. I am a huge sports fan and this line of work would
allow me to enjoy my work. I have learned from my parents the
importance of enjoying your work. Though my volunteer work does not
match my career being from a military family I will step up my
efforts as I get older. Once in my career I will donate money to
efforts such as the Wounded Warrior Project. I hope in the future
there are more programs to help veterans. I hope these programs
giving and supportive of the cause.

The happiness that people show when I am able to help them make it worthwhile. I
consider myself fortunate to have the chance to make a difference in
people’s lives and the world around me. Yes, I think my efforts
will make a difference for the future as I get more people to pay
attention to the cause.

I should be awarded this scholarship because it will help with my private school
tuition. More than that I have provided excellent service to the
community around me. So, I will put this money into good use ( my

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