Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volenteer

Name: Dante White
From: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Grade: senior
School: Madonna University
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I have volunteered in giving food out for the poor through my church,
volunteered as an assistant soccer coach, and helped set up a
Thanksgiving dinner through my high school, Avondale High School. I
chose these because I wanted to try something different I haven’t
volunteered before either so I thought doing this could help many
people instead of having the self-satisfaction of knowing I helped

When I volunteered for my church I would put in about five hours every two
weeks, twice a month every month fro about 5 months. I would spend
about an hour and a half putting the food into the cars. Takes about
45 minutes to get to where we needed to go and an hour and a half
passing out food then it takes about an hour to clean up all the
boxes the food was in. Being an assistant coach for soccer, I would
show for about an hour and a half, twice a week, every other week for
about three months. Volunteering for my high school was a onetime
thing where I showed up three hours before so I could help set up.

For passing out food my job was passing out food. I was assigned to a
station and was told how much food was supposed to get passed from
that station. At the end of it, if there was extra at the end we
could give out more. Being an assistant soccer coach I was the person
who demonstrated the moves we were going to practice or I would
demonstrate the drills we going to do at that point. For the
Thanksgiving dinner I would just set out the food and drinks. I would
open and take the tops off of everything and put them on display. I
would also hang posters and set up tables.

My biggest challenge as volunteer was being a volunteer. I didn’t know
to be one before I started volunteering I thought it would be the
hardest thing I could ever do. I didn’t like it even though I never
had done it before. I thought volunteering was for weird people I
never thought it would change my life the way it did. The best thing
I got out if volunteering knew that I helped someone else and that
I’ve made their life easier and made them personally happier. I
learned that doing stuff for other people means giving up your time.
It means going put of your way to make sure some else is happy.
Self-satisfaction is great but knowing you helped someone is ten
times better

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