Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteer

Name: Candice Thompson
From: middletown, new York
Grade: Senior
School: Middletown High School
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I can recall from early childhood, how my parents, would instill in the
minds of my siblings and myself, the importance of applying ourselves
to our studies in order to receive a good education. This is the
spotlight that shone upon us as we grew and developed, matriculating
from grade to grade. I never lost sight of the path forged before me
and even when I wasn’t the best for others I

endeavored always
do my personal best.

I always wondered why my parents harkened so much on education. For
them education was not only passed on to us from Textbooks and
teachers, but from all the experience around us. It is with this in
mind that my parents sought to involve me in Civic organizations
such as Middletown Mayor’s Youth Council, to which I have not only
been a member for the past eight years, but also served as a multiple
term Secretary and President. Membership in this organization has
offered me the opportunity to travel to Albany and speak to the needs
of the youth in Orange County. I have spent many hours being involved
in Night out against Crime, Back to school drive, Blood drives, City
clean ups, and many other activities, all of which brought me the
distinct pleasure and satisfaction from being able to to give back.

The older I became , the more I recognized and appreciated the value of
being a good citizen. I have come to understand what your civil
servants and volunteers do for the rest of us and I to want to equip
myself so that I can adequately give back. This begins with me
continuing my educational process by going to college. My prospects
for college depend heavily on my ability to get funding, most likely
through scholarships. Traditionally, parents would take on the
responsibility of sending their children to college, but I’m not that
fortunate ,as my parents are not in a position to do this for me. In
my family, my father is the main breadwinner, who over the years has
managed to give his three children the best that he could. My family
may not belong to the shrinking middle class come, but through frugal
and clever strategies, we were able to keep our heads above water and
push forward in the process of getting to a better place. If I were
able to access scholarships, my entrance into college would be
assured and I would be so much closer to becoming the person I know
I have the potential of becoming.

I am confident that my time in college will be profitable because I am
highly driven and focused on keeping on track. With the appreciation
I have gained for hardwork and excellence I can see myself, in the
near future , joining the workforce and doing my part to make our
society a better place.

School and Community Activities

  • 4-H

  • Cornell Cooperative Youth Action Group

  • Middletown Mayor’s Youth Council

  • Middletown YMCA Teen Leader club

  • Middletown Varsity Track and Field

  • Middletown Girls JV Basketball

  • Middletown Girls Varsity Manager

  • Middletown Boys Football Manager

  • Orange Regional Medical Center Volunteer

  • Middletown NJROTC

  • County Clerk (DMV) Internship

  • Middletown Seventh-Day Adventist Church Youth group

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Internship

  • Orange County Youth Bureau Recognition from Steve Neuhaus

  • Orange County Leadership Program

  • Syracuse Project Advance Award

  • Middletown Track and Field Junior MVP

  • Honor Roll


  • Academic Scholarship to Oakwood University

  • Academic Scholarship to Dominican College

  • Academic Scholarship to Suny Orange

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