Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Why do I Volunteer?

Name: Joshua Cadaing
From: Fremont, California
Grade: 12
School: California Baptist University
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Joshua Cadaing

Forward Scholarship

Why Do I Volunteer?

Volunteering allows me to discover new talents and experiences which I enjoy.
However, that isn’t the main reason why I do it. I’ve spent
plenty of hours in out-of-school areas such as homeless shelters,
charity events, and even Superbowl 50. I primarily volunteer at my
school and church since they are linked together. I’m associated
with multiple clubs such as ministry teams and community service
organizations within the church and school. I loved the feeling of
being useful and knowing that I was helping others wherever they
needed assistance.

I first started volunteering back in Jr. High. My church’s media team
was looking for people to help out with Sunday services. Being a
small thirteen-year-old with nothing more interesting to do, I
decided to take up a position on the team. I started out running a
camera which zoomed in on the pastor speaking. It was so exciting
just to sit on the stool and move the lens back and forth as my
pastor paced across the stage. As time went on, I was pushed into new
positions, such as slide organizer, lighting, live streaming, and
sound, which developed and fine-tuned skills such as coordination,
focus, and even teaching. Today, I often find myself helping out new
members who joined after the media team reached out to the students
in the school. Through this line of work I saw that I wasn’t only
pushing buttons, flipping switches, and rewiring stuff. I was making
people happy. People were content and appreciated what it was that
the team and I were accomplishing.

My older brother once said, “Success isn’t based on your education
or intellect. It’s based on how you affect those around you.”
I’ve taken this saying to heart. By making people happy, I make
myself happy. Seeing the smiles on sports fans as they arrived to
watch the big game, and hearing the kids laugh at my corny jokes were
just a few of the greatest things for me to experience while working.
We don’t have to volunteer to help people. We can do it whenever we
see someone in need. By volunteering however, you express the fact
that you are setting yourself aside to give aid to others. So why do
I volunteer? Well, I volunteer to help people and make them happy.

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