Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Why I Volunteer


I am a dedicated, goal oriented individual who strives to conduct
herself positively. Throughout my high school career, I have shown
that I believe in service to others by my involvement within the
school and community. I also feel it is important to leave the
environment you are in better than it was previously. This is a
belief instilled in me from my parents, who volunteer within our
local community my entire life. My parents also taught me that it is
important to be involved, a positive influence, and active in the
setting around you. I have been involved in Student Council, Key
Club, National Honor Society, track, cross country, swim team,
basketball, freshman mentoring, and I am the Student Body Treasurer.
Through Student Council and Key Club I have been able to see the
importance of volunteerism and giving back to the local community by
volunteering in our local elementary schools.

The area of volunteerism I focused on throughout my high school career
was giving back to our local elementary schools by tutoring,
assisting teachers, and volunteering at school events. I feel that
it is important to give back to the teachers and school setting that
gave me a phenomenal foundation.

I want to continue my education at a Concordia college. At Concordia
College, MN, I have received the Presidential Distinction
Scholarship. This is their version of a merit scholarship. This
provides $18,000 yearly towards the $46,000 package. Concordia
College is my first choice because it did not celebrate my athletic
or academic accomplishments, but instead focused on you as a person.
Concordia College also boasts an 88% medical school acceptance rate
and guarantees your graduation in four years. It is my goal to become
a pediatric surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon. I have also been
accepted to Concordia’s Credo program and been invited to
participate on their cross country team. Interestingly enough, the
Credo program’s mission celebrates volunteerism and contributions
to society. Concordia College states “the mission of the Credo
Honors Program is to develop compassionate leaders of conscience by
providing opportunities for high-achieving students to make scholarly
contributions and work collaboratively in academic and community
settings, locally and globally.”

Lastly, I am a giving person. I continue to “pay it forward” by serving
my community and church by being giving of my time and talents. If I
were to receive a scholarship, I would continue to “pay it forward”
to others. This has been a passion of mine since someone showed a
very simple act of kindness to me by “paying it forward” and
paying for my gas. I was shocked that someone would do something so
kind! I look forward to continuing to “pay it forward” in
college and making a difference in the setting around me.

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