Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Why I Volunteer

Name: Samadah Shabazz
From: Sneads Ferry, North Carolina
Grade: Senior
School: Dixon High School
Votes: 26

I Volunteer

Ever since I was three years old I have had a passion to help animals.
When people think of animals, they think, cat, dog, and maybe bunny.
Although those are animals, they are the common house pets. I have
always loved every animal, whether it was a rat, frog, lizard,
turtle. You name it I would rescue it from harm in a heartbeat. In
saying that, when I got old enough I started volunteering at an
animal shelter at least one time a week. I have volunteered at the
Humane Society for over a year now for about five to ten hours a
week. One of my favorite responsibilities was getting to play with
the kittens to get their energy out. I don’t have very many set
responsibilities since I am just a volunteer, although every time I
go, I do the same thing. I walk three dogs, train each of them for a
little bit, clean each of their cages, and then I play with the

Without a doubt, my biggest challenge is to not bring home a new kitten or
puppy every week. It breaks my heart to leave the building because
these animals have either been left, abused and left, or just thrown
out by humans who cannot afford to keep them. Out of all the dark
situations that these animals get found in, I get to go there every
week and brighten up their day which bring their souls and mine to
life. Volunteering there has taught me so much about human and animal
interactions, dogs and cats abilities, and has increased my patients
drastically. Training an already developed brain of a stubborn
Rottweiler takes maximum patience. I am very grateful to have had
this opportunity to deepen not only the animals’ intelligence, but
mine as well.

I grew up being taught how to set little goal, weekly, monthly, and
yearly to achieve my dream goal. To me that is what “forward
looking” means. In writing this essay I not only want to reach the
Youth Forward Scholarship judges, but challenge everyone who reads
this essay to help a local Humane Society or shelter. You do not have
to make a commit like I have, but just stop by once and make a
donation or save an animal in need. Take a pause next time you see a
turtle on the road and get it to the grass safely. I am making a
difference in these animals lives just a few hours at a time. Seeing
the mood of an animal change just because of the love and compassion
I can provide to them makes me feel whole. It is quite the easiest
and happiest volunteer work ever, so take the challenge. Who knows
maybe you will walk out with a new puppy.

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