Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Me as a Volunteer

Name: Renell A Jones
From: NORMAN, Oklahoma
Grade: Freshman
School: University of Oklahoma
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My volunteer choices have been a wide variety of cultural and community service
activities. Most of them have been with elementary age children. I
worked as a Peer Assistant Leader on the elementary campuses during
school. Because of the experience I received working with that age
and enjoying it, I decided to participate in volunteering mostly with
those ages and in the community. I worked in an after school program
for an elementary campus, so most of my volunteering was during the
weekends or evening times.

I have volunteered with different carnivals hosted by each elementary school. I assisted
with an International Fair, fall festivals and also community
carnivals. I provided a variety of fun activities that children and
parents were able to attend and enjoy. I planted flowers at the local
Arboretum and helped distribute food from a church’s food bank. I
have assisted with the Special Olympics track and field events by
preparing and assisting the athletes before and during their field
event. Providing clerical work for the Waco Symphony by organizing
their information manual, they were able to have updated information
available. Also in a clerical capacity, I updated a database for the
Waco Youth Commission.

My volunteer responsibilities were depending on what the event was. It ranged from
working booths at the fall festivals and community carnivals, to
managing games for the families to participate in, to gardening, to
helping students who might not be at the same skill level as others
competing in a sport, to clerical work. I believe my biggest
challenge of volunteering is not having enough time to volunteer
more. There are so many school and community activities going on a
weekly/weekend basis. The most satisfaction I have received is when I
was assisting the Special Olympics in their track and field events.
To see children put all their effort into an event despite their
disability, and the reward on their face when they came in first
place or last place, the smile was the same. From being a volunteer,
I have learned that there are some people that are less fortunate so
the amount of time you give them means the world to them, especially
if they don’t have that attention at home. Even for the fortunate
ones, they appreciate having another “big sister” to cheer them

My goal is to get a degree in Business Marketing. I am currently attending college out of
state, so I plan to do as much volunteering as I can with children in
need or someone who just needs a mentor. When going back home during
summers, I plan on being involved with as many activities for
children as I can participate in, along with having a part-time job
to help pay with out of state tuition. I believe that in years down
the road, because of the impact I had with the children, that I will
be remembered as their little or big sister.

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