Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Why I Volunteer

Name: Robin Walker
From: Harrisburg, PA
Grade: College Sophmore
School: Harrisburg Area Community College
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Why I Volunteer

I chose to volunteer for Habitat For Humanity for two reasons. One, my young
son was in a program that required parents to complete volunteer
hours. Two, I have a strong interest in real estate. Building a
house from the ground up would give me invaluable knowledge about the
inner workings of a structure.

I volunteered between 8-12 hours each week after work, in the evenings that I
didn’t have class and on the weekends during the day. My
responsibilities were layman in nature. I didn’t do any pluming or
electrical work but I was able to assist in installing shingles,
studs, walls, cabinets, insulation and siding.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer was making mistakes. Such as nailing a
shingle not as close as it should be, or on the wrong side; or
nailing a stud in place and nail goes in crooked. Then the nail has
to be removed and the stud may have to be replaced with a new one.
Cutting the drywall and cutting it too short so they would have to
start all over with a new piece.

While I worked with the other volunteers, I learned that the project was not about
just building a structure for someone to live in. It was about
building a structure at an affordable cost for the less fortunate to
be able to buy their own home when they might not otherwise be able
to afford it. Knowing that I was able to play a part in giving
someone a piece of their dream was very rewarding.

What I learned from this experience is so many people need a helping hand on so many
different levels. If you have an interest or expertise in any given
area, why not help someone who can benefit from your gift or
assistance? Now I am more motivated to help anyone whenever or
wherever I can.

Volunteering gives a mindset of going above and outside of your responsibility. My
criminal justice studies align with that as I look to make the world
a better place.

Forward Looking means doing something now that will benefit the future. New homes
and home owners mean better neighborhoods and an appreciation for
what you have because you have worked for it.

I hope to foster a change in the world with my activities by doing my part in the
agency and hopefully influencing others by my actions as a single
mother who works, goes to school and takes care of her home.

I think my activities will have made a difference as far as 30yrs from now
because the home I helped build will build equity and the buyer can
then make a profit and move into a newer home.

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