Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – How my volunteer activities shaped by future.

Name: Taylor Nunley
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Harmony School of Advancement
Votes: 0

Discuss your involvement in and contributions to a community near your home,
school or elsewhere. Please select an experience different from the
one you discussed in the previous question, even if this experience
also involved leadership. What did you accomplish? How did this
experience influence your goals?

In the fall of Junior year, the pastor at the church I attended made an
announcement that he needed people to volunteer their time to tutor
middle school and elementary school children at the church who were
struggling in math, science and English. I happily volunteered to
tutor the children because I know in the past that tutorials helped
me in school, and I wanted to return the favor to other children. I
also had a desire to become more active in my community.

I talked to the pastor and the children who needed help so that I could
arrange a schedule that would work for all of us. Which was two days
a week, and the sessions took place for 10 months.A few days passed,
and the time came for us to have tutoring session. For my first
session, I prepared material to help my students with their STAAR, a
Texas state exam. I ensured that they actually knew the material so
that we could establish a foundation to expand their knowledge in the
future. Whenever they let me, I would give them a head start by
teaching them things that they’d need learn in the future. After
having a few tutorial sessions with these children, a friendship came
about between us. Sometimes, once the tutorials were over, my
students asked me if we could just talk. At first, this was strange
to me because I did not know if I could just talk to ten and twelve
year old children, but the conversations proved to be pretty
insightful for the both of us. For example, one of the girls asked
advice on what she should she do about another student who tried to
have a verbal altercation with her. I told her to ignore her and not
to let her or anyone else gain control over her feeling or her
reactions to situations. I also told her to alert an adult if the
other child became abusive or relentless in their attempts to argue
with her.

Tutoring and mentoring these children awakened a desire within myself to start
a program dedicated to helping young women interested in pursuing
medical careers. In the future, I want to help these girls who may
lack resources, encouragement, or knowledge on how to become a
doctor. I liked building a mentor-mentee relationship with the
children I tutored and the tutorials helped them both academically
and socially because in the future, I would like to help them achieve
their goals and dreams.

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