Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteer Experience

Name: Alejandro Becerra
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: Junior
School: VECHS
Votes: 0

2015, AP Scholar, 3
scored 3 or higher on 3 or more AP exams.

2015, National Hispanic Recognition Program, excelled above the 2.5% of my peers in
the PSAT Exam.

2015, Distinguished Graduate, top graduate in class of 2015 from the Aviation Career
Education class offered by the Organization of Black Aerospace

2013,2014,2015, President’s List, attained a minimum of 3.30 GPA on Lone Star College

2014, Most Outstanding Geometry Student, excelled above peers in Geometry class
with outstanding scores, participation, effort, and involvement.

2014, 2015, Honor Roll, Achieved at least an A average for all my classes in school.

2014, Harris Health System-Acres Homes Clinic, volunteered as a guide for patients and
helped with overall duties given by my supervisor, 64 hours.

2015, Harris Health System-Quentin Mease Hospital, volunteered by making packets for
nurse stations and running errands in between departments, 68 hours.

2015, Harris County Public Library-Aldine Branch, volunteered to help run community
programs and helped with overall library duties, such as shelving
books, 62 hours.

2012-2015, Victory Early College High School, tutored peers and underclassmen, as well
as cleaned classroom and help with student activities and events, 26

2015-2016, YMCA and Houston Food Bank, helped needy communities by setting up food
donations and passing them out in events, 6 hours.

2015-2016, Senior Club, Class Treasurer and Chair of Fundraising Committee, in our
school’s equivalent of student government I organized many
fundraisers and budgeted the expenses for Prom Committee, Senior Week
Committee, and called meeting between officers when needed.

2015-2016, Y Achievers, Admissions Committee Officer, in this College preparatory
organization, I held interviews for potential members. Additionally,
I helped input planning ideas for the events that we might have, such
as college tours and college speakers.

I intend to attend the University of Houston to double major in mathematics and computer
science. During my stay at the university, I would like to take part
in research opportunities with my professors. Upon completion of my
undergraduate degree, I plan to attend a graduate program to
eventually reach a PhD. Afterwards, I would like to become a
professor, where I can teach and perform research on the world’s
problems of the future.

I am a high school student at Victory Early College High School. However, through
advanced placement and dual credit classes, I am currently enrolled
at Lone Star College. In short, I am a college student while still
finishing high school. Still, I hold Freshman status going into the
University of Houston this Fall semester because it is my first time
out of high school, even though academically I’ll be a Junior.

University of Houston, Houston/Texas, Double major in Mathematics and Computer
Science, accepted.

I consider myself to be more than a student because I excel even past my academics.
Academically, I surpass my peers by taking on college classes
simultaneously with high school, while maintaining good grades.
However, that is not what defines. I pride myself in being able to
say that I can balance my schedule with two schools on top of the
fact that I am involved in extracurricular activities, work, and
personal hobbies.

For example, I spent my first three years in high school exploring my interests
outside of the classroom. Sports Club was fun, but I strived for
something different, so I then joined Film club for my Sophomore and
and Junior Year, until I truly found what really captivated my
interest. I joined Senior Club, the Senior Class government. Quickly
I proved myself worthy and gained title of Class Treasurer and Chair
of the Fundraising Committee.

Additionally, I do not let school get in the way of my education. The school system is
not an exception of flaws, so I take it upon myself to do my own
study and research whenever I feel something missing from the
curriculum. Further, I enjoy time being more than a student: a son, a
brother, a friend. I spend time with my family even though it may
seem difficult to schedule that in with a full agenda. Whenever
anybody needs help, my friends and even others know to reach out to
me. I am always willing to give a hand or even try something new,
such as volunteering at the local hospital.

One of the problems with the status quo of education is the great neglect of
other aspects of a character. Academics are very important, but
building real world skills are needed for real life problems. This is
why I have made the decision to join the Student Government
Association at the University of Houston starting the Fall of 2016.

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