Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteer Power

Name: Julian Chase Greene
From: Winter Garden, Florida
Grade: 12 grade
School: West Orange High School
Votes: 2

Volunteering during high school has offered opportunities that have expanded my
understanding regarding the degree of need in my own community and
the power of team work create solutions, one person at a time. I
volunteer roughly 4 hours per week and have done so since the summer
of 8th grade. My first volunteer opportunity involved
serving food for the homeless at the Christian Service Center in
Ocoee Florida. I continued volunteering with Health Central Hospital
in Winter Garden. Volunteering experiences have given direction to
my strengths, math and physics, as I am exploring engineering as a
major and career.

Volunteering at the Christian Service Center opened my eyes to the degree of need in
my own community. Hunger is a strong and relentless need. Because I
had never been in a situation where food was denied indefinitely, the
degree of hopelessness mixed with gratitude was overwhelming. The
volunteers who worked daily or weekly knew the clientele and treated
them as friends which was dignity restoring to those who could not
provide for themselves. In addition, it was clear that meeting this
need was a group effort. Several businesses made donations, not only
food, but toiletries. Most of those we served were homeless. There
were tables set up in the back of the room where men and women could
pick of a bag of necessities before they left. I was amazed to
realize how the provision of a meal was tied in to hygiene and
dignity all at the same time.

Volunteering with Health Central Hospital gave me the opportunity to work with a
variety of professionals as well as volunteers. There was a definite
hierarchy between nurses, doctors, clerks and technicians. The on
common thread was safe and capable care for the patient. I did not
do much for patients, but had more contact with families. My
responsibilities included delivering magazines, providing directions
and transportation as well as making deliveries for technicians and
nurses. I realized how foreign hospitals are to the patients and
families. I was not busy with schedules or Dr. orders or treatments;
I was needed to resolve small problems or make a delivery which was
very important to the patient and family, and in this, I was making a
difference. Again, hear I see need and realize that solutions were
provided by many people in various roles. It was evident that some
of the smallest tasks could make a real difference for people who are
in need and dependent on others.

I have decided to attend the University of Central Florida in the fall and begin a
major in Engineering. UCF offers many research opportunities. Last
year several students worked together on a project to build
prosthetic devices for children who quickly grow out of very
expensive equipment. They developed a devise at a cost of $300.00
and partnered with faith based organizations to make sure that across
the globe children with need and without means can obtain this
devise. I know that without my volunteer experience I would not have
appreciated this accomplishment. It is challenging to succeed in
calculus and physics; it is inspiring to use calculus and physics to
meet needs one person at a time. This is my passion; this is my

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It will be used to
minimize debt and facilitate growth experiences to serve my community
and beyond.

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