Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteer – It Teaches Valuable Life Lessons

Name: Kyle James Glouner
From: Elizabethville, PA
Grade: 12th
School: Upper Dauphin Area High School
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Forward Scholorship

When I think about the question “What volunteer activity do I believe
has taught me a

valuable lesson and why?” Several volunteer activities that I had the
opportunity to be

involved in come to mind, all of which have taught me a valuable lesson. I
have helped assist

the Northern Dauphin County YMCA Youth Basketball Program and assisted my
high school’s

Life Skills class. I have also mentored and assisted coaching a youth
non-profit travel baseball

organization. However, there is one program that I was very fortunate to be a part
of, and

which will always be a rewarding experience, Reviving Baseball in Inner
Cities program. It

provided me the opportunity to promote to the less fortunate how sports and
being part of a

team can help pull families and communities together. Most of my
volunteer activities have

focused around youth sports. I want to
share with the many youths that play sports today, the

positive life lessons that can be taught through being part of a team. I have
certainly learned to

accept failure and to trust others. Accepting
failure and coping with the times you fail, for

those who are a perfectionist, will
always be a hard concept to grasp. As an individual, when

you put so much hard work into something you expect accomplishment and

failure and trusting others will help anyone push through the adversity they
will face in their

career. These lessons translate a lot into everyday life. It’s a fact
that not everything is going

to go your way no matter how hard you work. Thanks to the people in my
life who have taught

me failure is ok, encouraged me to work hard, who trusted me and in
turn I trusted back, I

know these experiences will help me to succeed. By volunteering I’m
hopeful that I can make a

difference in someone’s life by encouraging those same life lessons I have
been taught.

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