Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteer Work in DTLA

Name: Marcela Rivas
From: Los Angeles, California
Grade: 12th
School: Augustus F. Hawkins High School
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Forward Scholarship

The area in which I have chosen to volunteer in is homelessness. I
dedicated 6 hours a week into volunteering. As a volunteer my
responsibilities were to serve food to people, pass out plates of
food, and help them find clothes from the donations. Since this
volunteer work took place on the day of Thanksgiving I was in charge
of making a Thanksgiving themed plate and bringing it to where the
volunteer work was taking place. I made mashed potatoes and gravy the
morning of the service and I took it with me. I also donated many
clothes that I no longer used or fit. I knew that it would go to
people who were in need and actually need it. Once I was there I was
in charge of taking out the clothes and shoes out of the donation
bags and dividing them into different piles. Such as women, men, kids
etc., Once that was done I stood next to my assigned pile and I
helped people look for their size, reach for something for them, and
look for something in specific the were looking for. Later I switched
spots with another volunteer and I began to serve food for people who
were in line. I then switched spots again and took plates of food to
those people who were handicapped or could not walk over to our
service. My biggest challenge as a volunteer has been the way I felt
when I was volunteering. Helping and feeding the homeless brought
many different emotions and thoughts. I felt happy that I was helping
them but also felt sad because I realized that there are so many
people who don’t have homes, food or clothes and sometimes nothing
is done about it in order to help. Helping those people and seeing
the difference I made is what has given me the most satisfaction. I
learned that I should never take anything for granted and that I
should be more grateful about the life I live because others have it
worse. Also that no matter how little actions may be it can still
make a big difference for others.

Looking forward” to me means the future and what I want to do with it. It means “looking
forward” into the future and seeing what I can do. Whether it’s
for myself or for others. The change I seek to make in this world is
to have ultimate peace amongst each other. I want to end poverty, get
rid of pollution, animal cruelty, and have no war with others. I
don’t quite know what I will do to make this happen but I know that
one day I’ll be able to do it. I think if I came back in thirty
years, the volunteer work I did would have made a difference. This is
because every little thing counts. If others see what good other are
doing they might go ahead and do the same as well, and then it’ll
turn into something big.

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