Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – VOLUNTEER WORK IN MEXICO

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Living a Purposeful Life

The community I come from is built upon poverty, broken dreams and
tragedy. Crossing the U.S border everyday exposed me to what is
unknown to many. I met the other side of society, in which people
fight hunger on a regular basis. I had the honor to meet the most
humble and honest people. Exposures to these situations have
transformed me into a more appreciative person. The economic crisis
of my country, poor medical assistance, and my exposure to life
threatening diseases in my family made me a reflective person. Our
perspectives about life revolve around our own obstacles, rather than
being open to issues like sexual abuse, poverty or a growing number
of orphan children. My engagement in orphanages and with a
humanitarian program in Mexico have been tremendously transformative.
I have volunteered for 5 years and have completed approximately 300
hours of community service. Fortunately, I became involved with the
purpose of making a change but resulted in having a personal
transformation myself. Working with orphans and the homeless in
Mexico exposed me to the rejection ,and the harshness they faced as
past drug abusers or sexually abused victims. Their strength is
admiring, and it is mainly their perseverance that intensifies my
passion for succeeding and helping others as well. I accomplished to
make a change in the lives of these people, I aided them with
supplies, fed them, but most importantly provided the attention they
longed for. These activities expose you to harsher scenarios and the
harshest experience as a volunteer is to avoid the rain of emotions
that come with the change of environment. I am glad that I
accomplished to make a change in the lives of these survivors, but I
am fortunate to say that the greater impact was made on me. My
pathway will forever be guided by the qualities I’ve gained through
these experiences, which motivate me to pursue a humanitarian career.
The ability of succeeding is in everyone; it is in me, regardless of
my story. I am positive that I have the willingness and passion to
make a change in society. I am not a quitter, times might get rough
but I cannot afford nor permit myself to give up on my goals.

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