Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My Volunteer Work to Promote Selflessness

Name: Vince Paolo Custodio
From: Moreno Valley, California
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Forward Scholarship

I believe that selfishness will be the death of something. I know that
“survival of the fittest” relies on selfishness for an organism
to survive. Altruism, though, will help further the the of humans in
a better way. Being able to depend on others and trust others is a
great blessing. It is understandable for someone to be selfish
because they did not owe anything to anyone. No one else is gonna
care about them but themselves and that is what leads to the
selfishness and only caring about one’s self. In the real world, no
one is gonna care for others as much as they will care for
themselves. It is the way living things are in the world and it is
understandable why this is true.

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