Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteer Work

Name: Lena Tran
From: Garden Grove , California
Grade: 11th
School: Bolsa Grande Highschool
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The meaning of volunteer work is to help without asking anything in
return. People take time out of their schedule to take part in a task
freely. Volunteer work requires a lot of effort, therefore, helping
people to benefits themselves and others. People do not volunteer to
get something in return; they only do so to express their gratitude.
Volunteering creates a change in society. It creates more idealists
and the ability to progress. Working with others also gives more
connection with the community. People can volunteers in many ways,
such as beach cleaning, feeding the homeless, or saving people in

An event that can change lives of people feeding the homeless. This is
an event that serves people in need of food and supplies. A system of
volunteers to help the community and make a gesture of gratitude. It
is only human to help people who are in need of help. There are many
people dying of hunger in the country, and these events can help
reduce that. In addition, feeding the homeless gives an impact of the
type of person who should be a role model. People assisting the
homeless, thinks of others and not just about themselves.

In conclusion, volunteering is good because it helps the society and the
environment. The personal qualities that a volunteer has are
generosity and a purpose. Not only do volunteers work freely, but
supports to others who need it. Therefore, voluntary work is a good
thing and the community must come together to help.

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