Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – volunteering

Name: Joline Lechner
From: westfield, wi
Grade: 12
School: Westfield Area High School
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Joline Lechner

I have partaken in volunteering to help the elderly at Harris Villa assisted living home
in playing Bingo once a month the last three years. In this role with
the help of Good Shepard Catholic Church catechism students we
provide gifts, snacks, and sing-a-longs as we help assist the
residents play Bingo. I also grew up going to the nursing home
regularly to visit my Grandma who had Multiple Sclerosis most of her
life. Growing up going to the nursing home and volunteering the last
three years at the assisted living home has really shaped me into who
I am today. I now realize why so many people dislike living in the
nursing homes because they want to be independent and cared for at
their own home. When I spent time volunteering I talked with many of
the residents and got to know them. Each resident was very different
from one another. They all had different needs and reasons why they
had to be in the assisted living or nursing home if they knew why. I
learned a lot about the residents and about myself. Many residents
would say to me “Take care of yourself now so you don’t have to
end up in the nursing home later in life.” I also learned that I
really have a true compassion for the elderly and helping them out
when they need it most. Doing this encouraged me to take the
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course to further my skills in
learning about and taking care of the elderly. Before I started
assisting the elderly at Harris Villa I had always wanted to go into
the medical field. After spending so much time in the nursing home
with my grandma, volunteering at Harris Villa, and taking the CNA
course, this has reassured me to follow my dream of working in the
medical field. During 2016 I plan on using my CNA certification to
work in a nursing and continue my passion for working with the
elderly before I go onto college and further my degree into the
medical field. I hope to help residents in homes to become the
individuals they wish to be and take care of all of their needs.
Other organizations in which I have volunteered through is 4-H,
student council, Salvation Army, Westfield High School, and Good
Shepard Church. I have done many different types of volunteering
through these organizations such as performing a live nativity at the
assisted living home, serving people at bowls for hunger which as an
annual soup dinner where the money goes to the food pantry of
Marquette county, being a classroom aide for Sunday school at Good
Shepard Church, and much more. I am also a teacher’s assistant at
my school for the science department which had provided me with many
skills that will help as I continue to pursue a career in the medical
field. All this volunteering I have done throughout most of my life
has helped me realize that I want to spend my future continuing to
volunteer to help others in need and also pursuing my dream of
becoming an ultrasound technician. I chose to go into radiological
technology because since 7
grade I thought it seemed fun and over the summer I job shadowed and
loved it even more than before. I had thoughts of becoming an
ultrasound technician because when I was little I had to have an
ultrasound done on me and remember thinking how cool it was to see
the inside of someone through such technology. This career will help
me carry on with helping others; I am very compassionate towards
helping others. Also, this degree will help me into the career that I
see my future with.

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