Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – VOLUNTEERING

Name: Valerie Magana
From: Palmdale, ca
Grade: 11
School: KHS
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Valerie Magana

Pete Knight High School

2 May 2016


I chose to volunteer at an animal shelter and an elementary school nearby. I
chose this because i love working with children and helping them,
also being a role model to them. I love to volunteer at the animal
shelter because I want to help keep animals off the streets and find
them good forever loving homes.

I volunteer about 20 hours a week, so about 80 hours a month. I am a head volunteer so
I lead others, help them, and train new volunteers when they come in.
I also am in charge of special duties. My biggest challenge has been
working up to where I am now. It was difficult for me because there
are others that try as well to get to where I am. So I had to work
harder than others. It took me two years to get where I am. I have
learned the ways of being a leader and helping others and it makes me
very very happy.

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