Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering

Name: Giselle Macias
From: Yerington, Nevada
Grade: 2017
School: Yerington High School
Votes: 0


Volunteering is an essential way of giving to the community. The community needs as much help as
it can get. I have volunteered to do things all throughout my life.
Last year there was an elder, who was a friend of my mom and she had
a dog that lived in a pin outside of her house. I would always go to
feed him, play with him and clean his area. I love dogs, so I
honestly enjoyed it even if I had to clean his pin. I also helped her
out in the winter time by putting wood in her wood box every two days
in order for her to keep her place warm. That was a bit of a
challenge for me because it was really cold outside and I didn’t
have a warm coat. This year I helped my pastor pack because he and
his family had to move. It was a lot of work having to pack things,
then picking them up to place in the car for more than a week
straight. When they still lived here I was pretty dedicated to my
church and would always help out on events. We would always do a
Memorial Day event; people would come down to sing and we would
provide food and beverages. I served around seeing if everything was
okay or if they needed anything. I would do the same with potlucks or
at our Vacation Bible School and even during church service. We had a
lot of elders and it always made me happy to see them smiling and to
make sure they were okay.

Last year when I got accepted
in National Honor Society, which is a club that does a lot of
volunteer projects. The leaders of the club have to decide whether or
not someone is eligible by having at least a 3.5 gpa, or higher. I
applied by writing a few paragraphs telling them about my leadership
experiences and my character. Every month we are to complete two
hours of volunteering on our own, then we do a group project the same
month. By the end of each year we must have at least fifteen hours
completed. This is an amazing experience for me because I’ve found
out that volunteering is a way to relieve stress and to feel better
about myself. This program got me into volunteering more often and I
really like that. Some may feel that in order to volunteer, they need
to be in a program, but I personally feel as if there’s no need to
be in a program in order to volunteer. There have been times were
I’ve had a stressful week, but when I go in to volunteer on
weekends, I forget about how stressed I was. I volunteer on weekends
because then I won’t have to worry about homework. I see myself
continuing to volunteer in the future and giving out my help when
it’s needed because I love doing it.

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