Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – How Volunteering has Affected My Life

Name: Isabel Castelo
From: Memphis, Tennessee
Grade: 9th
School: Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Votes: 0

I began volunteering at a
residence for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia when I had just
turned 13. I began to volunteer there because my mother told me the
people there loved having visit. I went about 3 times a month for
about eight hours. My responsibilities were to help the elders walk
to places, help with any crafting activity they had, help out in the
kitchen, and help out in any way that I possibly could. My biggest
challenge as a volunteer has been seeing the elders not know what’s
going on or who they are or what time period they’re in. I became
very attached to a lot of the elders I helped out and when they pass
away it breaks my heart. I did enjoy seeing they’re happiness when I
helped them out and knowing that I was the reason they were happy
filled me with joy. Volunteering at Apple Grove has taught me many
things about life. One of them is to enjoy life while you can because
you never know when it could change. I’ve learned that things don’t
come easy in life and you must always strive for what you want.
Volunteering has helped me become a better person. I am grateful
every day for the life and blessings I have. 

  Looking towards the future to me
means that I am excited and willing to accept whatever life has
waiting for me. I hope we find a cure for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
because it is something very sad to see people go through. I wish to
work in medicine when I grow up and I think seeing people go through
this illness helps me see how to treat people when they are sick. I
have enjoyed volunteering and will continue to volunteer and help out
for as long as I live.

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