Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering became an Opportunity

Name: Briele Victoria Ballesteros
From: Universal City , TX
Grade: Junior
School: Calvary Chapel Christian Academy
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Volunteering Became an Opportunity

Volunteering is more than a doing, it’s an opportunity. I love helping others;
it became one of my passions. I’ve volunteered to help at my church
ever since I was seven years old. I’ve also volunteered to help at
weddings. And I’ve also volunteered to help wherever I’m needed.
With volunteering, there are great responsibilities.

At my church, I started helping with little toddlers. I didn’t think I
was good with kids, but my leaders believed that I was. My leaders,
Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Natalie, were very kind to me; they were like
another mother and father to me. As time went on, I really enjoyed
playing with the kids and watching them laugh. When they start to
cry, my arms were always opened to hold them close. When I turned ten
years old, I was then moved to an older group of kids, Pre-K and
Kinder. They were a lot different from the toddlers, but just as fun.
We would sing and dance to worship songs, read the Bible together,
and would eat snacks until the parents came to pick up their kids.
Sometimes I would sing to the kids or even teach the Bible study and
have the kids act it out. I really loved watching how the kids
started to understand and see how people were like back in the Bible
times. Then when I turned fourteen, I was moved to first through
fourth graders. Different group of kids, but they still were just as
enjoyable. All the kids that I’ve watched over, I have loved every
single one of them. I continue to watch them grow up into older kids,
as hard as it is to see that, I know that God is going to work
miracles in them all. I will never forget those times.

I started volunteering at weddings about a year ago, and I love it. I
help set up the small communion table with white silk sheets and
beautifully colored flowers. I help set up the cake station and
sometimes the food station too. I like checking in on the bride and
her bridesmaids seeing them in their gorgeous gowns. Sometimes, I can
be on security duty; that’s a lot of fun. Before the wedding
starts, I would see how handsome the groom looks; and I would know in
my heart that this couple will be happy together following the Lord
forever. Weddings are a privilege to be a part of. At the end of the
wedding, I love seeing how happy the couple is, and I hope that that
joy will never run dry. The Wedding Coordinator, Mrs. Nancy Jones,
loves how I enjoy helping her out on these weddings, and she always
wants me to be by her side for every wedding that is to come. I can’t
wait to see how I can bless more people through this.

I love helping others, whether in school, church, home, and anywhere. I
help at my church kids’ camp. It’s a great opportunity to get
close with the kids and teach them how they can get closer to the
Lord. I love at the end of camp, when I line up with other volunteers
and I get to pray with individual kids as they give their lives to
the Lord. I prayed with my little sister as she gave her life to the
Lord; I will never forget that moment. I volunteer at school too. The
principle is like my uncle, so he knows what I’m capable of doing.
Sometimes I watch other grades, while their teachers are having a
meeting. I grow closer to the kids, the more I watch them. Once a
year, I would go downtown with a lot of other people to help the
homeless. We would give them free food, clothes; face paintings,
bikes, entertainment, Bibles, and Joy from the Lord. We call it JOY
OF JESUS. I take that day as an opportunity to share with others
about the Lord. They might not always accept God; but you know what,
it’s worth it. I thank the Lord that He gave me these
opportunities. I will never regret them.

Volunteering became one of my passions. I have volunteered in so many different
areas and places. I’m hoping that I will go to Potter’s Field
Ministries, a ministry that trains young adults to become stronger
Christians and go out into the world sharing about Jesus. What about
you? Do like volunteering like I do you or are you even interested in
giving it a try? I will tell you that it is worth it. Go and make a
difference in our world.

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