Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – How Volunteering Became Second Nature

Name: Amyre Brandom
From: Detroit, Michigan
Grade: eleventh
School: Cass Technical High School
Votes: 30

I was bit with a bug that gave me the passion for service at the age of
eight when I joined a family organization with my mother. I had not
realized until this point that I had been volunteering for years
prior through my dance company where we performed throughout the
summer at different events in the state of Michigan and at the annual
state fair. My interest in service went beyond feeding the homeless
at Thanksgiving or doing a canned food drive at school; instead,
spending almost every weekend of my year participating in a community
outreach project. I have been able to build mats through my high
school’s chapter of the National Honor Society, assist in a woman’s
clothing closet through a leadership group called the Ivylettes,
participate and plan my church’s outreach program called Food for
Families, etc. My love for service has grown through the years as I
have encountered new people with similar interest as me. My
enthusiasm has brought me mentors that I will forever cherish, along
with leadership positions involving community service. Every group
that I am currently involved in that is in or out of school has a
form of community involvement attached. It warms my heart to see the
smiles on someone’s face when you are able to do a good deed for
them out of the kindest of your heart or because it touches your
heart as much as you are touching that person. My biggest challenge
was learning and fully grasping the concept that the smallest
gestures implement change: adopting a family for the holidays, making
sandwiches and passing them out in neighborhoods where the people may
need them, giving water out on the side of the road, etc. It only
takes one person to change a life; if one person pays forward
(forward looking) the service that they were given this can begin a
chain reaction. I have a high school requirement of two hundred hours
that I must receive by my graduation year. I had the honor of
completing more than the two hundred hour needed by the end of my
freshmen year. Within the last year I have had the pleasure of
completing over one thousand hours though in school and out of school
activities. I plan to continue an active role of volunteering once I
get to college and join a community service fraternity and not
stopping when I am older as a doctor that is able to travel the
world. It is my hope that I can pass this down to the next generation
as I get older because a love for service is truly a horrible thing
to waste. Through my volunteerism I hope that I can show people that
there is no difference between someone who volunteers and a person
who benefits from a volunteer in their life. I am a firm believer
that every act of service changes a life, and enough acts can change
the world!

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