Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering to Become Closer with God

Name: Ryan Scott Ferrigan
From: Perry, Michigan
Grade: High School Senior
School: Perry High School
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Forward Scholarship

Volunteering to Become Closer with God

The area that I do the most volunteering with is associated with my
church. In the Catholic Church, at each service (which is called a
Mass) volunteers are needed. Readers are needed to read the Bible
selections for the Mass, and altar servers are there to help the
Priest with presiding over the Mass. I chose this area of volunteer
work because I feel an immense need to show my love for God. I
believe that volunteering to read and serve during the Mass is the
best way I can do that. Over the course of a month, I will altar
serve at a few Masses (probably 2), and at a different Mass I will do
the readings. Often times, our church’s youth will get together,
and sit together in the church for these Masses, and that is when we
volunteer ourselves for this work. Responsibilities involve giving up
your Sunday morning or afternoon, showing up on time, knowing what
the readings or responsibilities of servers are, and carrying them
out correctly. The biggest challenge for me is remembering every
single duty that needs to be done, especially for the altar servers,
which have many responsibilities. As I mentioned earlier, I get a lot
of satisfaction from doing this. I get this satisfaction because I
believe that helping in these positions strengthens my relationship
with God.

In the future, I think I will continue to do this volunteer work. It has
shaped me for the volunteer work I now know I will continue to do for
the rest of my life. By doing this volunteer work, I think I can
strengthen other people’s views of God, and show them what He has
to say. In my life, since I have made the conscious decision to do
this volunteer work for the rest of my life, I think it definitely
will have made a difference. It started my whole journey to become
closer to God, and I think that the journey has succeeded. It is
nowhere near done, but I am getting closer to God daily, and I am
eternally grateful that I decided to start this volunteer work.

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