Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering for a Better Tomorrow

Name: Emily Gielink
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Grade: 12
School: Parma Community High School
Votes: 32

for a Better Tomorrow

Community service in the Cleveland area is a necessity that should not be
ignored. I currently volunteer in the Cleveland/Parma area in Ohio
with my Community Service Club members in school. We focus on
cleaning up local areas and supplying food to the local food pantries
for families that cannot provide for themselves as well as serving
the homeless. We chose to focus on these areas because there are
constantly people struggling and everyone deserves to have food and
shelter. I have volunteered for almost two years now and we average
at least 25 hours a year. As a volunteer in Community Service Club,
we have to participate in as many events as we would like and we have
to be punctual and upbeat. The more positive you are, the more the
community smiles back at you.

As a volunteer, there are numerous struggles. The biggest challenge as a
volunteer for me is watching people suffer. When our group
volunteered at the local food pantry, we got to hear about the
families that came in needing food. It is so sad to see that families
have to face hunger and feel ashamed that they cannot feed their
children. You always want to see families happy and supplied. On the
contrary, you get satisfaction from helping the community. Our school
had a food drive and we had so many carts full of food that the woman
who ran the shelter cried with joy. We donate every year and the
owner exclaimed her joy and said that they were running low on
donations and our school had filled it with ease. Seeing the smile on
her face is gratifying enough.

As a volunteer, I have learned that although you should focus on
yourself, you should give back to others. Every single thing counts.
Giving back is the ultimate recycling opportunity. I have also
learned that the people you would least expect are the ones that need
help, and they can be afraid to ask. If anyone is ever struggling or
trying to hide it, you have to realize it and help immediately.

My career goals have been greatly influenced by my volunteer work. When
I graduate from college, I want to work with people as a living and
give back as much as I can. In the future I think my actions will
have a big impact. Any small act of kindness counts. Forward looking
to me means going on to a better future. I seek to foster change in
the world by inspiring others that any small act can help and it is
worth the time and commitment. If I were to come back in years I
think that my actions would make a difference. My actions can inspire
others to take my place when I am not available. The more people that
join in to help others, the more it will spread. Soon the world will
be a better place, and it all starts with one person.

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