Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – How Volunteering with Boy Scouts makes a difference

Name: Halia VanKirk
From: NORTHUMBERLAND, PA - Pennsylvania
Grade: College Freshmen
School: Lock Haven University
Votes: 0

Volunteering is an important part of life. I was always taught as a
young kid to give back as much as possible. I usually tent to spend
my time volunteering focusing on young kids. I like to work with our
local Boy Scouts because I believe that the best way to make a
difference in the world is to focus on young kids. I believe if we
can influence young children to learn that you should always give
back, that they will make a large difference in the community and
maybe even the world. I attend a meeting once a week with the boy
scouts, where we focus on teaching the boys leadership skills and
safety skills. I also will attend an outing with the Boy Scouts at
least once a month, usually more often than that in the warmer
months. In my local Boy Scout troop I am looked at as an adult
leader, and I am responsible for doing the best I can to make help
the boys become active members in our community.

I think my biggest challenge as a volunteer is being able to reach
all of the boys, since they all learn differently this is a very
challenging task. I get satisfaction out of my volunteering when the
boys do something that the community members notice and take pride
in. Not only is my job as a volunteer to teach the boys to become
active members on the community, it is also to learn from the boys.
Every week I learn something new or have my eyes opened to a
different way of viewing things, all thanks to the boys.

I believe in twenty years from now I will be able to see these young
men being an active member of the community, by volunteering with
young people. I believe that they will be grateful for the people who
took time to volunteer with them when they were young, and take time
out of their busy lives to give back to the youth, like people did
for them.

Working with these boys has made me realize that I love being in a position where
I get to teach people things that will change their lives forever. I
want to become a health educator in the community, and working with
these young men every week makes me realize that the career that I am
going into is right for me. Again, I believe that the best way to
make a difference in the world is by teaching the youth. The youth
are the key to the change we all want to see in the world, to make it
a better place.

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