Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering for a brighter tomorrow

Name: Connor Garreth Anthony
From: Springfield, Massachusetts
Grade: 12th grade/senior
School: High School of Commerce
Votes: 0

Volunteering is an important part of society, as it means that governmental
authorities can continue to hide money elsewhere, rather than
spending it on the people it is supposed to protect. However, that
does not discuss what I have volunteered for. I have volunteered for
a local library, to aid children in an impoverished neighborhood in
enjoying a social life with people online. Something that I myself
enjoy as it lets me to, when not playing games online, chat with
people from across the globe. Be they in California, Turkey, or just
a few blocks down. I also volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign
in Massachusetts, as his views align with mine, and I am a very
politically active individual. I also attended a trip to an
elementary school to teach second graders about economics and
government. That was quite fun, I had a blast, and so did they. Good

I volunteered a total of 50 hours roughly thus far, and would have done
more if I were capable of taking more time out of my very busy
schedule. As it stands, I still have plenty of very difficult exams
to take, before I even graduate, and finding time for these
activities was probably the single hardest part about it all. The
long hours themselves were not all that much of a hassle. My
responsibilities ranged from, in order of introduction of volunteer
jobs; being somewhat of an “Older brother” figure and helping to
entertain kids in an early teen age group, making calls across the
state of Massachusetts to collect data for the Bernie Sanders
campaign, and act as a teacher for a day. Again, great times on that
last one.

The most satisfaction I got out of volunteering has to be the smiles from
the library and teaching positions. Being able to entertain both
young kids, and early teens is something that always warms the heart,
really. Also, turns out that I am a wee bit charismatic, and also
control a grasp of Spanish that I previously did not know that I had.
Funny how pressure does that to a person.

For all of my social activities, the aspect of “Forward looking” is
by aiding in the development of lives to be more kind-hearted and
hungry for knowledge. For the Bernie Sanders campaign, well, his
slogan says it all. “A future to believe in”. Forward looking to
me is either helping to raise an intelligent and compassionate
society, or aiding the political process in a more progressive
direction. Or both, I like that both option. I hope to see an
increase in overall education of the public, as that has wide-ranging
positive consequences for everyone. Even those whom have to pay with
it through taxes. If I were to come back later, if the people I
helped grew up smarter, happier, or more politically active, then I
have done my job. Much like how I finished this “Less than 500”
essay in 400 and 99 words.

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