Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – How volunteering changed my life.

Name: Angelica Adolfsson
From: Sarasota, Florida
Grade: Senior in High School
School: Sarasota High School
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All my life I have always wanted to help people somehow. I volunteer
every summer with special needs children from the ages of three to
five. I worked five days a week from 7:00 in the morning till 2:00 in
the afternoon. I helped keep the children happy and read to them, I
would help serve them food and even help them eat when they didn’t
know how to, I helped them learn how to trust and have fun when they
didn’t have the ability to. One of the first kids I met changed my
life and helped me decide that I want to work with children. His name
was Chris and he could not speak a word of English and had a tumor
behind his eye which is why he was close to blind. He needed help to
walk, to sit, to eat, to play, to do everything! I was there for him
every step of the way and he changed my outlook on everything. He had
just met me and by the end of the day he knew me and always called
out for me when he needed help. My biggest challenge was trying to
help everyone with only two hands and one always being occupied by
Chris. I have learned so many things by watching those kids. They
always look on the bright side, they are always happy, they are
always honest, and they are always there to love you no matter what.
“Forward looking” means planning for the future and doing
anything in your power to make that plan happen; I see my activities
as “forward looking” since they help me learn and grow in
the field I want to be in. By helping with special needs children in
my community, I hope to alleviate some of the struggles they are
forced to face on a daily basis. I also hope to inspire either those
I help or those around me to help the community in some way. My
interests have always consisted of working with kids and helping
those around me, I want to be a pediatrician and work with kids so by
volunteering with them is giving me valuable experience. If I were to
come back in ten, twenty, or even thirty years, I think my volunteer
activities would have made a small difference in each person I
helped. I do not think that helping out with ten to twenty students
will make a huge difference but if I make a difference in just one or
two children I have accomplished my goal and be thrilled with the
influence I had in them. Volunteering is something I am very
passionate about and love doing. If it wasn’t for my volunteer work I
would not be where I am today and wouldn’t have the confidence I have
now about wanting to help people as a career.

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