Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Why volunteering changed my life

Name: Kyra Wilson
From: Berwyn, Illinois
Grade: 12th
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My passion for volunteering grew on me, I always worked for money or for something
in return. But when I started volunteering for Operation Push
Correlation on the South Side of Chicago, where children had smiles
on their faces even though they did not have a stable home. I always
saw myself going to college with no trouble paying for it but when my
dad went to jail it took a toll on me so I had to do something to get
my mind off losing the one person I depended on the most.
Volunteering helped me look past my struggles and gave me the
strength to help someone who had it worse than me. It took me a
couple of months to understand what volunteering really meant to me.
If I could give you 3 words that describes what volunteering means to
me it would be: PASSIONATE, JOYUS AND SELFLESS. Making someone else
sadness into joy was the most exciting experience of my volunteering
career. With that I always tried to bring gifts and give back to the
community even though I am financially struggling to pay for college
even though I know it will pay off in the end. Being a volunteer
leader inspired me to become a doctor because I love to help others.
These experiences have changed my life forever and I will always
remember the confidence it gave me to never give up on my dreams and
always look at life in a bigger picture.

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