Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – How Volunteering changed my Perspective

Name: Jasmine Dickerson
From: Golden Valley, Minnesota
Grade: 12
School: Hopkins Highschool
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I have been volunteering since
I was the age of 12. I first started volunteering at my church
helping with babies and young children. I had the time of my life
with those kids! Even today I will go down and check on them and
help, but the older I got, the more I gravitated towards helping kids
my age and children in need. I went to volunteer at “Feed my
Starving Children” to help kids all over the world get food. By
volunteering there at “Feed my Starving Children”, I realized how
blessed I was and how I was blessing others. By helping, it made me
want to do it more. I am now a senior at Hopkins High School and I
help kids at North Jr. High grades 8-9 get their grades up and help
them in areas they struggle in.

The reason why I choose this
place to volunteer is because I want to see the kids succeed! I want
them to know that someone(other than adults) care about their
education. I mostly help students in math, because I am in advanced
math. Math is my strong suite and I try hard to help my kids
understand the patterns in math. Since I volunteer during first block
in school, my total hours add up around 6-7hrs or more by the end of
the week.

My main responsibilities are
to help the kids in need and to help them grow in the areas they
struggle in. Some students do not understand the way the teacher
teaches, so that’s where I step in and demonstrate different ways
for students to understand better. I try to be a great role model for
them, especially since some are not as focused as others. Since my
job surrounds me with growing drama filled teens, my job isn’t
always that easy. Sometimes I struggle getting some to focus or to be
respectful towards their teachers and staff. I tend to be the person
the kids respect and come to. This is probably because I am closer to
their age and can relate to some of their personal and educational

For the amount of time I have
been working with these kids, I have learned that everyone has a
different way of processing things. It’s not that they are not
smarter than the person they’re sitting next to or wiser, they all
just think differently. Because I saw this, I have decided to major
in Communications and minor in Business. I want to major in
Communications so I can talk to and communicate with all types of
people. Every human being thinks differently and I want to know how
to communicate with all of them. Whether it is by writing songs(I
plan to become a famous singer), writing poems, journalism, certain
equations, etc.

My way to make a difference is
to leave my stamp at everywhere I go. I mostly connect with people
through music and my songs and I will continue to do so! My future’s
so bright and within the next decade or so I hope to leave an
impression on my school and the kids and adults I have helped!

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