Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering in my Community

Name: Casey Lynch
From: Rochester, NY
Grade: Senior
School: Gates Chili High School
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Volunteering in my Community

Throughout my high school career, I have been involved with multiple activities,
allowing me to opportunities volunteering in many different areas. I
have volunteered at my local animal shelter, my dance studio, and for
an organization called Camp Good Days and Special Times. All of these
opportunities have been unique and have each allowed me to use
different skills, learn different things, and gain endless

My very first volunteering position was as an assistant teacher at my
dance studio. I have been taking part in helping out for three years
now, for one hour a week. I was inspired to volunteer because I have
a passion for dance and I wanted to use that to help other little
girls realize they can achieve their goals in dance. As a volunteer,
I was responsible for making sure the girls understood the dance
moves, listened to the teacher, and were able to ask for help in the
class. My biggest challenge has been getting the girls to listen and
pay attention when they are sometimes chatty. I have to create a fun
environment while still having a touch of authority. Overall, through
this volunteer experience, I have been able to see the joy of young
girls as they are able to find success in dance and I have learned
that it is important to always remain a positive role model for those
that are younger than you.

Camp Good Days and Special Times holds a special place in my heart. I got
involved with this organization because my cousin is the camp
director. This organization helps people with cancer and their
families to attend camp or activities so they will be able to have a
great time and forget about their worries. I do not volunteer with
Camp Good Days on a weekly basis but I sign up to help with events
throughout the year and I was a camp counselor this past summer. As a
volunteer, I am responsible for watching the kids and ultimately
making sure that everything I do will make their time more enjoyable.
The hardest thing I have had to overcome is taking my emotions of
feeling sad over the terrible disease that many of the children have
and making sure that I am always positive. These kids have taught me
so many things. One of the most important things is to make the most
of every moment in your life and to never take advantage of time.
Camp Good Days is a volunteer placement that I plan to help with for
a very long time.

Overall, volunteering has played a large role in my life. It is something that
has been very fulfilling and I enjoy being able to donate my time to
help others. Looking into my future, I know that my volunteering
opportunities have taught me many things such as compassion and love,
as well as responsibility and hard work.

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