Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering to Create Change

Name: Anthony Torres
From: Miami, Florida
Grade: Eleventh grade, Junior
School: La Progresiva Presbyterian School
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Volunteering and Creating

Volunteering has become a major
key to changing our communities and the people who live within them.
As a kid, I always wanted to find ways to help anyone that I could. I
wanted to help others because that has always been something
important to me. Also, I have helped others to show that I see myself
as equal. In our society today, many people view themselves as higher
than others or too good to help the less fortunate. On the contrary,
I believe that we are all equal and some people just have not had the
same opportunities as others.

Over the course of the last three years, I have become more involved in
the community. The last two years I have participated in the ‘Susan
G. Komen: Race for the Cure’ events. In these events, I have had
different jobs in which I assisted the participants with their
shirts. Another time, I was one of the people who helped organize the
survivor medals for the survivors who were to attend the event and be
honored. In addition, I did something with my family where we went
into the Downtown area of Miami and gave food to the homeless. We
were not with an organization, but with our own generous hearts and
minds. As people of God, we began to realize how blessed and
fortunate we are. We decided that we should give those who do not
have the opportunity to eat every night, that chance for one night.
We went and gave them cheeseburgers, chips, and drinks. As I passed
out the food, I saw the smile on these peoples’ faces. One lady was
homeless and pregnant which allowed me to be thankful not only for
the meals I eat everyday, but for the home which I have. These
experiences have allowed me to change my overall outlook on the
community and how we have to change.

In conclusion, volunteering has helped me grow into a better person. The
way I have created memories and shared my story, I think we all can.
I have learned that today, our society has gotten too caught up in
social media and who is better than who. In reality, to have a better
community we must realize that we can all come together and be great,
together. We can become great by helping those who feel that they are
not. The community can become stronger, safer, healthier, and more
accepting if we decide to take a stand and help.

Going forward I hope that my volunteer experiences allow people to learn
how far a kind, loving, and open heart can take you. The career path
I hope to take requires someone who is responsible and serious, but
that is also for the people.

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