Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering Experience

Name: Abraham Saloum
From: Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
Grade: College Freshman
School: Temple University
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In High School it was a requirement to complete sixty hours of community
service to be eligible to graduate. At first, I was annoyed and
frustrated with this requirement but once I started to volunteer I
loved it. Therefore, completing over one hundred and thirty hours of
community service. I volunteered at my school’s Special Olympics. I
have an uncle who has down syndrome and he inspires me every day of
my life. It was a six hour volunteer and a life changing experience.
I had to be in charge of the children I was assigned to, made sure he
ate, and most importantly had fun. The biggest challenge was with
this was being very patient and made sure that he was happy when he
didn’t win first place in the different races. It was amazing to
see how that these kids have such a positive perspective of life.
Which allowed me to look at life in a different light. I also played
volleyball in high school which gave me fifteen hours community
service. This experience taught me the value of team work and
friendship. I’m the person that likes to complete tasks on my own
and I struggled at the beginning of the season because I wasn’t the
only one on the team. It was easier to the blame another teammate for
a mistake than to blame myself. I learned that communication was key
when working in a group, help from the teammates is necessary, and
positive reinforcement was a good thing. When a play didn’t work
out or go as planned it was the entire teams fault not just the
individual. I received most of my hours from my church. I was
involved in the youth group and this group formed me to be the person
I am today. I was president of the youth group which taught me the
value of power, organization, and team work as well. It was important
to give back to the participants of our church and the church itself.
Serving coffee and cleaning up the church was a part of this job. As
well as holiday plays and festivals. It was difficult at first to
manage everyone in the group and assign every a position. This
experience was definitely forward looking in my future because I plan
to be a manager in an engineering firm. Forward looking means to me
that no matter the situation and how hard life gets there is always
going to be something brighter to look forward too. Whether it’s
success, happiness, or making someone’s day life goes on and so
does good virtue. My volunteering experience has taught me a lot
about the work force. I am able to communicate well and work well
with other individuals. In twenty years, I will still look back and
be thankful for the opportunities given to be while volunteering. I
would not have been able to develop as a human being or obtain most
of my skills without volunteering.

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