Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering Experiences

Name: Allen Keister
From: Spring Hill, Florida
Grade: 12
School: Frank W. Springstead High School
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In today’s society it is quite common for high school and college
students to do some sort of volunteering. In high school, students
volunteer for hours that will essentially go towards something like
Bright Futures. College students volunteer because those who do want
to give back to the community. I have done some volunteering over
Christmas break at a retirement home. I helped the retirees with
things I was asked to do. It was certainly enjoyable and made me work

I chose to volunteer at the retirement home because my mother was an
activity director there and I needed hours for Bright Futures. I
started the day after Christmas break from school. I was required to
do things such as storing equipment, stuffing Christmas stockings for
residents, hanging Christmas lights and help a resident whenever they
needed it. One other task I did was help set tables for the residents
during meal times and help clean up after. Each week during break I
put around 10-14 hours at the retirement home.

There were also a few larger challenges I had to do while volunteering.
Once and a while I was asked to lift heavy things and put them on a
dolly to bring them to storage. Most of the time I was always on my
feet, which became tiresome after some time. Perhaps the most
challenging thing was when it was bingo time and was required to read
out the numbers. If I spoke too softly, the residents would get
aggravated because they are quite serious about bingo. Through the
difficulties, I never stopped being persistent.

With volunteering, there were many satisfying times as well. After a day
ended and it was time to go home, I had a sense of accomplishment of
helping in many ways. I also had the opportunity to talk to War
veterans and hear how battle was. I enjoyed listening and learning
about how life was many years ago. Perhaps my favorite thing about
volunteering was when residents noticed something I did and they were

I learned a multitude of things while helping at the retirement home. I
learned how to become a more effective worker. I discovered life was
much simpler when the residents were younger. There were times when I
was able to listen to war stories from different perspectives and
battles, which was interesting. The urge to volunteer should be
higher for high school and college students. They could learn so many
things that can in the end benefit them for when they are working. It
was a true privilege to help out in my community.

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