Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering Forward

Name: Janelle Martinez
From: San Antonio, Texas
Grade: 12th grade
School: Business Careers High School
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I have chosen to volunteer at a Hospital and with my Church. I chose these two because
they each have a special meaning to me. Volunteering with the
Hospital brings happiness to my heart, while also educating my brain.
When in a Hospital, most of the time is spent wishing you were not
there. Volunteering and bringing any kind of help, company, and
smiles to anyone who needs them is what I am there for. I volunteer
at my church so that I can become closer to my faith, and also help
anyone become closer in their faith. Serving God’s children brings
me closer in my faith because I am doing what god wanted me to do.

My duties in the hospital included, cleaning the room before and after a patient uses
the room. I also attended them when they needed help with getting
their belongings or requesting any food or medication. When I
volunteered in the Labor and Delivery, I assisted the doctors by
handing them tools when performing delivery. I also cleaned the area
where the delivery took place. For church, I volunteer at least 2
hours a week. For the hospital, I volunteer in the summer for 6
weeks, 4 hours a week.

My biggest challenged volunteering is knowing information. As a volunteer people
expect you to know things that you may not know. To overcome this
challenge, I ask questions and become more involved. If I do not know
something, I will go ask the directors, so that I can answer the
people’s questions. This helps not only me know information about
the program, but also helps me help the people in any way that I can.

To me, volunteering for an organization means you want to help out of the
kindness in your heart. Seeing people grow a smile on their face and
enjoying the extra hand gives me the most satisfaction. It is always
a heartwarming feeling knowing people appreciate your help and are
enjoying your company.

I have learned from both volunteering positions that it is not always about you. In
today’s world, it is easy to become selfish. Volunteering has
helped me keep a healthy balance that includes helping others around
me. The gift of sharing and caring is a characteristic that makes up
who I am. Volunteering helps me maintain this characteristic, while
also teaching me the importance of it.

The volunteering programs that I am a part of, are easily also a part of my future. I
actually have an interest in becoming a pharmacist, or RN. I see my
volunteering activities as forward moving because the more I
volunteer and spend time at the hospital, the more I know. This is
helpful for my future education in the medical field. My volunteering
activities at the church are also, forward moving. They help me move
forward in my faith. Surrounding myself with people who are strong in
their faith and who are trying to become even stronger, will only
make me stronger in my faith. While serving god’s people, I am also
putting a smile on other faces.

As small as I am compared to the whole world, one person does make a difference no
matter what time or age. One person has the chance to expose hundreds
of people to the act of a good deed. This exposure can spark a light
in other people which can start a chain reaction. I believe if even
one person has the light in a dark room, it is contagious and other
people will join in to bring happiness to another.

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