Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Volunteering for the Future

Name: Tyra Cole
From: Laurinburg, North Carolina
Grade: 12th
School: Scotland Early College High School
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Tyra Cole


Volunteering For The Future

Volunteering is like giving a bear hug to the community. Volunteering is what you
do when you really care about your community and want to show your
gratitude to everyone and thing around you. When I first started
volunteering, I honestly didn’t really think much of it. However, as
my volunteering hours went up, I started to really see the importance
around it and how rewarding it really felt giving back.

The place I volunteer the most within my community is our county library.
This is my favorite place to volunteer because it is really one of my
favorite places in general. I love reading books and enjoy quiet
scenery so the library is a great combination of both. Volunteering
at one of your favorite places is a great start to volunteering all
together and the library will always be one of my favorite places to
volunteer. When I first started volunteering, I mainly volunteered on
the weekends because of school. I generally volunteered for about
three hours a week during my Saturdays, which would add up to about
eight or nine hours a month. Because I went into an academic
accelerated program during high school, I didn’t really have much
time to volunteer, but I always tried to get some time done on the
weekends. I believe that I would get at least forty to fifty hours a
year. Now I still volunteer there, but it has been a little less
frequently because of my time spent towards graduating, but I will
continue my volunteer more throughout the summer. When I volunteer
for our county library, my responsibilities generally are to make
sure that all of the books are rightly organized within the shelves
and make sure that the members and guest are all educated on how to
handle the library books carefully while also assisting them on any
help that they need during their time there. I could say that the
most satisfaction I get from volunteering at the library would be the
feeling of being productive. I’m not too social outside of school, so
volunteering there was a really great way for me to experience
meeting new people and doing something that is productive and
important in our community, rather than just sitting at home all day.
Although volunteering can be really rewarding at times, it can also
have a bit of challenges too. One of my biggest challenges throughout
my volunteering time was trying to balance out my volunteer time and
my school work at the same time. Because I was in an academic
program, a lot of times I had much more homework to do than others.
There were a lot of things I had to do during the weekend that
sometimes interfered with my volunteering time and family member
responsibilities. It was hard to struggle with all three, but the
small situation, at the time, really helped me to learn some valuable
and important ways of time management. There are a couple of things
that I have learned throughout my time volunteering. I picked up very
good organizational skills during my time organizing the books and
reading material. It also taught me how to be more social I was
really lacking before and how helping others can be good for humanity
and the soul. The one thing I learned the most was how it felt to
help others and why it is important to make a difference in the world
by volunteering.

Even though my experience volunteering at the library is very small, I
would say that it made a big impact on me. I honestly don’t believe
that my volunteer activities could foster within the world, but I do
believe that they lead me towards the right direction of making big
changes Every big thing that happens within the world starts out as a
small event and even though my volunteer are small now, every little
bit makes a difference in helping people in the future.

Looking forward to me means as to seeing what you are doing now in the
present is going to benefit you and others in the future and how you
feel about your accomplishments for years to come. Helping out
someone in general can make a difference, so even though helping out
in the library may seem small, I do believe that in ten, twenty, or
thirty years from now, it will make a big difference because not only
will IU always acknowledge it as my first volunteer experience, but
it can also inspire others to volunteer at other places as well,
which can be really fulfilling for our small community. Everything
and everyone must start somewhere before they can grow, and my county
library was a great place for me to start.

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